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Age: 26

Hometown: Ludington, MI

Years riding: 15

Sled: 2010 xp 600rs

Best moment: My first backflip in the backcountry winter of 05/06

Worst moment: My under rotated flip that crushed my spine, I think it was 2008?

About me: I have been a complete sledfreak all my life. When I was 16 I started racing snocross my first year I went from beginner to semi-pro. I liked racing but my favorite part of the races was the Freestyle halftime event that I took part in. After a few years of snocross I got board with racing and riding in Michigan. I moved out to Colorado with some friends to start riding in the mtns. I spent 5 years riding the mtns during the winters and coming back to MI to work during the summers. The summers without snowmobiling was killing me and once I seen freestyle on woodchips I knew it was for me. I built a ramp and started doing freestyle and got pretty good at it. Now I am living in MI year round and riding freestyle demos in the midwest and east coast mostly for Rave X.

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