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2000 Polaris Indy Classic Touring with only 1700 miles!

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  • 2000 Polaris Indy Classic Touring with only 1700 miles!

    2000 Polaris Indy Classic Touring
    • ONLY 1700 miles on sled!
    • VERY CLEAN SLED, both outside and under the hood
    • 500cc Engine (liquid cooled)
    • Plenty of Power - always starts right up and runs great!
    • Electric Start and Reverse
    • Easily handles 2 riders
    • Adult driven and never abused.
    • True 2up seat with Back Rest (back rest can be used by single rider as well)
    • Hand warmers for front and rear seats
    • Studded track (144 pattern, but more than 144 studs due to longer track)
    • Windshield bag
    • Cover
    • Always stored inside
    • Always greased every couple rides
    • Always had synthetic oil and grease run in it.
    • Chain case oil changed every year
    • We routinely take this sled on 100+ mile rides, never a problem

    $2450 (NADA book value $2705)

    I treat everything I own really well, never abuse stuff and always keep them clean and greased and in excellent working order. If you are looking for a nice touring sled, you will not be disapointed!

    We got this sled a few years ago with 1100 miles and it was female driven. Most of the miles we put on it were with myslef or my wife driving it.

    It does have some minor scratches on the left side of the hood where it my wife tipped it on its side going up a bank on the road. Most of the scraches are on the side decal not on the paint.

    To give you an idea of how this has been riden, my wife thinks 30 is fast and 45 is just screeming!
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    engine picture
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      Thats a real purdy sled ya got there. Can I borrow it this summer I promise I wont race it. Have it back b4 winter
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        That sled is unbelievably clean!


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          Hi Rot, sure you can use it for the summer, just give me a $2850 non refundable deposit!

          artiksno340 - yes it is really clean I try and keep them looking like this. My grandtouring is about just about the same, but the pic did look as good, poor lighting in the shed!


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            I've seen Dans machines and they ARE as clean as he says and the pictured depict. Anyone looking for a tourer, don't let this pass you by.
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              thanks 2doos! anyone interesteded???


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                still for sale!!


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                  the used sled market is tough right now... good luck with the sales!


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                    still for sale, lowered price... time to buy!!


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                      bump...! great sled for someone!


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                        Originally posted by godslove
                        still for sale, lowered price... time to buy!!
                        How Much $$$ I got a Buddy looking for one
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                          The price of 2450 is the lower price. I may go a little lower, but not much, it is in too nice of shape. I have at least one person interested, if he is serious have him send an email to and I will give him a call.