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my 1980 polaris centurion resto project

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  • my 1980 polaris centurion resto project

    Last year i bought a 1980 polaris centurion for 120 bucks. Best deal i think i ever got. I thought it ran good after I bought it, but found out it was only running on 2 cylinders. Put $125 into it, brought her home, and she runs like a champ. It has 1979 decals, but also has some 1980 decals(look on the belt gaurd cover, the handle bar pad had an 80 too, but fell off.) The model number states its an 80, but also with a 79 engine. I know it came from the factory like this, because it was bought from a local polaris dealer inearly 80, then sold to a guy i get my sleds serviced at in 1982. From there a guy bought 2 sleds from gene, the polaris, which gene serviced every 2 years since 1982, and an 73 eltigre 400, which my buddy owns. Gene sold them for $800 each in 82. heres pics of the sled, i think its neat being a 79/80 model. If anybody knows any info, let me know, i wanna know everythign about this, its my first polaris resto. If any buddy has the following parts for it, that'd be awesome
    trunk assembly, tail light assembly, windshield, windshield trim, handlebar pad, non faded gas tank, triple pipes, air box,
    I'd also like some clutching tips, so the sled will have a lot of speed, i know itll do 100 already, i just fixed the steering, im sure the stupid rods gonna bend again, i think for this winter im gonna ride it, and then tear the whole thing apart coem spring!!
    Current Sleds:
    1980 Polaris Centurion
    1980 Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000 with 79 motor
    1975 Arctic Cat El Tigre 340 Quad Plug
    Previous Owned Sleds:
    1985 Polaris SS 440
    1980 Yamaha Enticer 250
    1978 Arctic Cat El Tigre 5000
    3- 1971 and 1972 Sno Jet Star Jet's
    2-1974 Scorpion Super Stinger 400
    1989 Polaris Indy Sport

    Looking For:
    1981 Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000
    1981 Arctic Cat Jag 4000
    Old Arctic Cat Panther
    Old Sno Jets
    Or any vintage sled
    1994-1997 Polaris XLT

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    wish i could find a deal like that they are awesome sleds
    I almost positive Aaen still makes triple pipes for them...
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    Real engines dont need exhaust valves.