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  • Need some opinions/ideas

    For many years my family has had a cleaning service in the lakes region of NH - I'm considering starting something in upstate/TugHill area of NY for folks with rental cabins and would like your opinions - would you use something like this? what services would be most important/least important? In NH the cottage cleaning was typically for owners who lived out of state and were coming to NH for the summer, (a lot of snowbirds from FL) so they like to arrive to a clean place with groceries in the fridge and cupboards etc.

    - Fall cleanup - get your cabin ready for winter rentals, dust, vac, plug in fridge, flush pipes, deep clean/organize.
    - Weekly turnover service (cleaning between rentals)
    - Owners time service - clean and grab groceries/essentials before you arrive
    - Spring close up - cover furniture, put out pest deterrents, remove food/liquids, set security systems and lock-up.

    What else am I missing - I live in the region and so don't have a rental myself.

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    Not to be negative but if it was me considering this I would make sure the market will support this. Having a place myself in the North Country I know a lot of people already have this service done by friends ,family. I am sure with the growth of out of area owners over the last 20 plus years there is always room for more but Tug Hill and the western Adks are not the same as the area you have experience in so do your due diligence in research before you commit to anything. If you decide to go for it I wish you luck and prosperity!
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      r u planning to move to ny & start this ,or run it from nh.