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Last Ride Report 2018?

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  • Last Ride Report 2018?

    Lets hope not! Hopefully March is cold and snow... It was 79 degrees in VA yesterday, not what I like to see in February...

    Thursday night I threw 144 studs in the new Cross Country in prep for any icy corners we found. Friday morning we took off for the hill. We rolled in to Tug Hill Lodging in Barnes Corners around noon and unloaded for a loop around the hill. The trails were choppy with little signs of grooming the night before because of the warm temps during the week. We looped through Barnes Corners and out Culpepper Rd, down to Olin at Hook and Ladder. Olin and First part of Flat rock rd were crazy rollers, on to Flat Rock for a drive by and down to the Gorge. We continued to Talbots on to C4F to C4A to C4K which were also a bit choppy. Turned north on to C5C then to C5 toward little john, shot up Salmon River and back left on Culpepper. Coming down Denning we saw a Park Police standing next to his car at the turn for Tuggers, he was running Radar but due to the bumpy trails we were cool with 55... We looped around Adams trails and back to the cabin for a break before heading to Tuggers for a burger. We ended up with 110 miles for the day after a late start.

    Saturday we woke up early and my father had to head home so my buddy and I took off just the 2 of us. We hit the early fresh groomed trails by 6:30 am and took off to Highmarket. The trails were groomed a 10 the entire way and we made great time getting to Barrows shortly after 8:00. Topped off with Gas and visited with the group at Barrows for a bit before taking off to Osceola with more awesome groomed to a 10 trails. Once we got to Osceola we ran in to rough trails so we decided not to endure punishment after all the nice trails we just ran and turned back toward Highmarket taking C4F back to Talbots, past Flat Rock and over by Montegue and back to Barnes Corners. 160 miles for the day so far with trails showing signs of busy weekend traffic so we stoped at Tuggers for lunch around 1:30 but over 100 sleds parked there so we knew service was limited and we weren't drinking so we went back to the Cabin grabbed the truck and rolled in to Lowville for Lunch. After lunch we cruised through the Bham winterfest, lots of people, every bar was packed with sleds and trucks. There was a sheriff check point on Partridgeville rd and everyone was leaving the trailside bar but he was only checking registration and not for DWI... Getting back from Bham we jumped back on the sleds and went toward Copenhagen then south on to S56 to S56A to Denning over to C5A and to C5C in to Adams, these trails were still a 10 because they are off of the bar loops. Headed back to top off gas at Creekside then back to the cabin with 215 miles for the day, Not too bad for a weekend day on Tug!!

    Sunday we woke up to 2-3 inches of fresh snow which was just what the hill needed! We knew the trails were being groomed during the night so we hit it early again on the trails by 6:00 after a quick spin around the cabin. We took the same loop through Barns Corners and over to Gorge and down to Barrows to top off with gas by 8:00 however they didn't open till 9 so we rode around the Highmarket trails a while and then took off down in to Cvill nice and easy to top off gas and grab a cup of coffee. Cvill needed that fresh snow badly and without it we probably would not have made it down off the hill. After gas we took off back up the hill left on to C4F and over in to Redfield area all groomed the night before trails were 8-10 everywhere. In Redfield we turned North up to Little John and then to S51B toward Barnes Corners and down in to Adams again then back to Barnes Corners. We stoped at Creekside for gas and back to the Cabin to load up by 1:00 with 155 miles on. All the trails were a 10 early and by noon you would have never known they had groomed the night before. Lots of traffic after 10:00 puts a hurting on the trails quickly.

    Rant #1 - The people riding with no studs drive me nuts! They spin out in every corner and exiting every stop/corner which absolutely destroys the trails spinning every bit of snow off the trail down to the ice base! It you don't have studs you have to feather the gas to prevent the spinning but people would rather show they have power to spin on ice and just hammer down the entire time! No to mention the non-studded being out of control in the corners not being able to hold the inside line drifting in to oncoming traffic, then you look down and see they were spinning the entire time!!!

    Rant #2 - The loud pipes are ridiculous. We heard a few coming from miles away, waiting for them to come and then finally they come by and they are 500cc old turds with a can... WTF then we see a yamaha phaser with an open exhaust 4 store and that was ridiculous as well. Maybe I am getting to be an old fart at 38 but I find it obnoxious and unnecessary to run loud illegal exhausts. I would like to see this enforced more after they start enforcing DWI....

    Hopefully March turns cold again with lots of snow or the Fat Lady has sung!

    Feb 21, 2018 - Entire home/apt for $325. Tug Hill Lodging is close to Watertown and Lowville, NY; the Tug Hill plateau. Youíll love our place because of the ambiance, the views. It's clo...

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    Few pics from the weekend... Spent more time racking up miles than stopping to take pics...


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      nice report I was up also and the early bird get the smooooth trails. My wife and daughter rode the fields and there new two up so very little trail riding, in answer to the ban the can we were stopped and it was on the news. they were out 2 weeks ago in full force in Rome NY HERE IS THE LINK. no tickets issued we were all in compliance.


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        Great report!! Hope itís not over yet also!!
        My point is: Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there's a tomorrow. Maybe for you there's one thousand tomorrow's, or three thousand , or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around in it, let it slide like coins through your fingers. So much time you can waste it. But for some of us there's only today. And the truth is, you never really know.


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          Originally posted by Teet-F7SP View Post
          Few pics from the weekend... Spent more time racking up miles than stopping to take pics...
          Sharp truck just wondering how you like it and whatís in it. Glad you got some ridding in looking bad now.


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            Thanks I picked up the F250 just before the winter and I love the truck already have over 10,000 miles. Its a F250 Platinum with the 6.7 power stroke diesel, my first diesel truck and not sure if I could go back to gas now... Coming from an F150 Ecoboost which I thought had plenty of zip and power, the F250 makes that 150 feel like a toy.

            The torque of the diesel is great and pulls the trailers much better than the F150 did just with the extra weight of the truck not to mention the extra power. You really don't even know your puling the snowmobile trailer but its a pretty light load, really notice a difference when passing big rigs the trailer does not wiggle the truck with the drafts like it did on the F150. Its nice consistent quiet power, you walk up most hills in high gear low rpm (2000rpm) rather than gas trucks having to downshift to 3rd (4000+rpm) just to pull a hill. I averaged 15.5mpg towing the sled trailer (mostly thruway and rt81 at 75mph), close to 20mpg on highway without the trailer, 17-18mpg around town. With the ecoboost I was 9-10mpg towing the same trailer.

            The cab of the F250 is very roomy and comfortable and I like the extra ride height this truck has in stock setup. The platinum has a few extra features like Full glass moon roof, Massaging Seats, Heated/cooled seats, Abient Lights you can choose color of for interior, Adaptive cruise control adjusts speed of the truck up and down without touching gas pedal, Power folding running boards, Spot lights in mirrors, LED headlights etc.

            Lots of nice trucks out there these days I have just always been a ford truck guy.. Just like Ive always been a cat guy!

            No snow to ride we may have to start up a truck and boat thread.... Hoping March will be cold and snow...


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              Sounds like you could live in that truck. I bought 2014 f150 6.2 used had 5k miles thing was mint had $1,500 stereo and roush exhaust and was undercoated leather inside off road package weird build. Looked at new F150 but 52k for a weekend truck not worth it for me. New 250 would be sweet. Only thing I hate is mines black. Looking at new cats like to buy new 8000 rr if I could sell my 16rr not sure if dealer wants trades no anyone looking send me number. Sled is mint just like to update every few years. Youíre camp loooks nice are you at the hill? We have place in old forge sucks no snow think weíre done for season.


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                I agree on the costs of new trucks, I use mine for my business and put about 50+K a year on it so it has to be able to withstand lots of miles. My last gas truck had 110K after just over 2 years and that killed the trade value so I am hoping the diesel can be driven 2-3 years and still hold some value...

                The new cats are much different feeling/ride on the new ascender platform. The body panels are so much easier to remove and also to get to the oil fill. The contour of the panels around your legs makes the cockpit feel like your one with the machine. I didn't think cat did anything special with the 2109 sleds they just introduced so I would recommend hunting down a 2018 leftover to save some doe$. The new 19 cats have crappy colors mostly black and white but they did bring purple back if you like the Barny look... Only cool feature is electronic controlled shift on the fly shock adjustment right from a switch on the handlebars but I would let the bugs get worked out of this before considering this option but I like my suspension to be consistent, my luck I would nail a huge mogul on light setting because I forgot to hit the switch lol...

                This camp pic was at Tug Hill Lodging we stayed there for 3 days just before the melt. Great place very clean and he also has 5-6 cabins too that he rents. All the cabins are brand new with Bathrooms unlike Tuggers where you walk 100yds to use a frozen toilet. You can still smell the newness in the cabins and this is right on the trail coming north out of Barnes Corners toward Copenhagen.


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                  Wow lots of miles for you during the year. Iím lucky I have couple vans for buisness so the truck is for weekends. I like the new rr color. Purple might half to grow on me. Going talk to dealer see what he says may end up on my 16 half to see cost of new one. Probably go to snow fest see what things look like to bad no test rides unless we get snow. Guess Iím lucky with having my parents in old forge but those cabins look nice.