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    I am going to try something different on this site, seems trail reports are a thing of the past around here. If activity doesn't pick up around here I don't see this site lasting very long unfortunately (major decline in activity this year). Sledfreak was started many years ago with daily trail condition reports and rider feedback posted by Sledfreak itself by SNOPRO/DINGDONDANG, this has come to a complete screeching halt... I understand selling sledfreak gear is important revenue generater however it seems that is the main point of business anymore rather than keeping accurate trail reports on the forum, sledfreak takes their sled to where they park their gear trailer and just ride around that immediate area then post a report the following week? At least DDD would post trail pictures and videos even if he had to drive to the local establishments/trail heads to get them, those were the good old days! Ive been loyal to the site for many years and only wish the best for Sledfreak but more trail reports are needed for a true recovery of this site. Even a copy/paste from Facebook for our non Facebook users would help out the Sledfreak forum immensely and generate activity around the Sledfreak brand.

    Trail Report from this weekends Maiden Voyage;

    We were eager to get in our first ride of the year on TWO brand new sleds we just picked up the day before. I picked up a 2018 Arctic Cat Cross Country and my father got a 2018 ZR 800 Snopro Limited. We bought these from Cooks Recreation in Tully NY an awesome dealer we've been doing business with since 1993 back when Cooks owned it. When we got the sleds home we completed the initial 20 minute break in on the new 800 C-tec cat motor, now we have 5.5 more hours of phase 2 break in before the machines really come alive.

    Friday We trailered to Boylston Wart road parking lot arriving around 8:45 to -10 degrees F. I think the excitement of the new sleds made us forget how bitter cold it was. This is a reminder why we invest so much in to our snowmobile gear to keep warm in these temps, especially at trail speed. We bundled up and took off down Wart rd to the north, right on to C5D which was smooth as glass thanks to Winona groomer and then straight on to C5A where we entered the Pulaski club trails which were untouched by groomer. Pulaski club had not touched any of their trails since the 4ft of snow they received which is a disgrace to the area and local businesses relying on sled traffic. We had fun bouncing through the fluff but it was not the way we wanted to break the sleds in so we took it easy. Took a right on C51B and up to C5B where the trail conditions started to improve again. Once we hit Barnes Corners Sno-Pals trails they were great even with their limited resources being down a groomer for the time being. Continued toward Copenhagen on C5C to C5 to C5K all in perfect conditions where we stopped in Copenhagen for some warm chili and gas for sleds.

    After leaving Copenhagen we took C5B south past the Maples to Rector Rd, took a right on Rector and left at Montegue Inn on Parker to Fall Rock rd to Olin Rd all these trails were perfect conditions also. To avoid traffic we stayed away from Flatrock area and continued on Salmon River rd at the Hook and Ladder where Sno-pals groomer was parked having lunch. Took Salmon River Rd to Little John back to the fluffy non-groomed Pulaski trails. Typically you can connect to the Pulaski trails at the top of Little John but this trail had not been traveled by sled or groomer so we continued down little john to S51B where we bounced along to C5A enjoying the powder and rollers from trail being not groomed by Pulaski. I truly believe the Gathering Place diner has suffered severely due to lack of good trails maintained by Pulaski club leading to their establishment which hurts them badly, especially this time of year!

    Continued on C5A back to Winona and Arrived back at the truck for a snack break and a pepsi slushy with 91 miles each. We then took back off toward Barnes Corners and looped back through Lorraine weaving through the Winona Secondary trails and back to the truck with 125 miles for the day. We were able to stay warm the entire day and had a ball breaking in the new sleds with my dad who has been my best riding partner for 25yrs since I was 12 years old, something we both enjoy together and have accumulated some awesome stories to tell my kids as they become sledders on the zr 120 and the zr 200 we got them this year...

    Few pics of our ride below, hope this inspires others to post trail reports and experiences from their rides to this Sledfreak forum!!


    -10 Degrees Brrrr. Parking lot at Winona C5B intersection Looking north up C5B Picking up new sled at Cooks Recreation
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    Great report!! Thank you. I agree with you that the activity on these forum type sites has declined significantly. I blame facebook. On a side note how do you like the Cross Country? I've been thinking of getting one myself in the 600. How does the 1.75 lug track handle on the trail.


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      Yes great report I also have thought about the cross country in a 800. Looks like you have a new super duty how so you like that and how does it tow they inline trailer.


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        Originally posted by jampony17 View Post
        Great report!! Thank you. I agree with you that the activity on these forum type sites has declined significantly. I blame facebook. On a side note how do you like the Cross Country? I've been thinking of getting one myself in the 600. How does the 1.75 lug track handle on the trail.
        On the trail it was great, off the trail it was so much better than my old 129" with 1-3/8" lugs, I can only imagine what the mountain sleds do in the powder. The Cross Country is a great ride for sure with the adjustable shocks. I was skeptical about not being able to stud the 1.75" but it really doesn't need it unless your on a icy trail/corner. In groomed, loose or fresh snow conditions, the 1.75 is going to excel for sure.

        I will add my scratchers for hard pack or icey conditions to help keep temps down but the new cat gauge allows you to monitor the engine temps to the exact degree which is awesome! My dad got the 1-3/8" track and will probably stud it.

        The electric start was nice at -10 degrees I will say that for sure.

        The super duty did not even know the trailer was there, no joke it was night and day difference coming from F150 Ecoboost (and I loved the ecoboost)... Its F250 with the 6.7 and it was only my 3-4th time towing with this truck I got it a month ago. I averaged 14.4mpg coming from finger lakes cruise set round 75. Big thing I noticed was no sway when going past big rigs and also noticed there is plenty power to upgrade to a 3-4 place!! Dad had the massaging seats on most of the time, hahaaa... Oh and the diesel had no issues at -10 degrees I keep it treated. Trailer is aluminum so that helps, I will definitely go Blizzard again its been a great trailer for 10+ years.
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          Thanks for quick reply. I have 14 f150 with 6.2 engine thing rocks. What part of finger lakes you from?


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            Great report!! Making my first trip this weekend. Sleds look awesome, looking forward to your continuing report on the 800. Was thinking about one myself this year! Keep up the great reports and pics!
            My point is: Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there's a tomorrow. Maybe for you there's one thousand tomorrow's, or three thousand , or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around in it, let it slide like coins through your fingers. So much time you can waste it. But for some of us there's only today. And the truth is, you never really know.


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              Originally posted by Snowchaser View Post
              Great report!! Making my first trip this weekend. Sleds look awesome, looking forward to your continuing report on the 800. Was thinking about one myself this year! Keep up the great reports and pics!
              Thanks, I am very impressed with the Team clutches my old cat did not have these. My old clutch had the BMP kit in it and the new Team Clutch setup seems very responsive. The new motor is something I was leery about being the first year out but so far I am overly impressed with the noticeable increase in power even while in break-in. The LED headlight was wicked bright and not in the trees on high like my old one (noticed during initial Break-in ride in yard).

              Only thing I did right away was Curve skis from old sled and I am in the process of accessorizing it. Maybe a wrap to set it apart?

              Ill be sure to keep you posted as I get some miles on it! Ill be up later next week.

              Ride safe!


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                Thank you for the great report.


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                  Nice report!


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                    This week I was able to set work aside for a bit to enjoy some riding around the central finger lakes area before the warm up this weekend ruins our trails... It is always best to ride around "home" to avoid trailer time and have your conveniences handy. My father and I were completing the break in period for the new cats. They continue to come alive and we are now past the 6hr mark so the break in is basically complete and can now confirm these new motors are awesome!

                    The new Ctec 800s have amazing throttle response and the team clutches provide quick back shifts and smooth power bands no matter when you crack open the throttle. The gas consumption is much better than the old suzuki and they do not smoke nearly as much.

                    We met up with two of my friends in the afternoon and had a great ride with the group of 4 cats, one being my old F800. Our area offers much more wide open fields and plenty of legal places to play around in the national forest area which allowed me to really test out the new 1.75" track on the cross country. We lined up the 4 sleds and the long track deeper lugs will pull away from the short lug tracks in the fresh snow leaving them many sled-lengths behind. My cross country was immediately out in front of the new ZR 800 in the fresh snow but on the packed trail they are very very close together with the same motor and clutch just different track lug depths. My friend has a 141" and it was a beast in the fresh but pushed hard in the trails, possibly confirming 137" is the happy medium for good handling trail sled. The 137 does ride better than the old 129 through the bumps but the 129 was more fun to jump around the drifts.

                    We rode 120 miles while taking it easy and stopping for breaks and chats along the way. Hopefully get together with the group again soon, hard to believe Ive been riding with these guys for over 20yrs now...


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                      Great report Teet! Thank you! Hoping more will add theirs as well
                      interested in advertising on Sledfreak???? contact us at:


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                        Thanks for the trail report keep them coming