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Riding Boonville and hill area between Christmas and New Years

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  • Riding Boonville and hill area between Christmas and New Years

    Had a Chance to go up to Boonville and ride a few days, was great!!!

    In the areas off the hill there is about 2 feet of snow on the ground, on the hill there is crazy amounts of snow, must be at least 2-3 feet on the trails. The clubs are doing a great job on the trails, that had to be a lot of work. The trees full of snow are amazing!

    Off the hill the trails have between a few inches to a foot on the trails, just depends where you are.

    It was fun to ride with Shane, Blake, Al and of course my cousin and family, also thanks Shane for letting me help brake in that new 850!! That is an Awesome machine for sure!

    Sorry I did not take any pictures, too cold to stop and get the phone out.

    My Daughter, had a minor run in with a tree.. thankfully Mark Jr at ASS had an A-Arm in stock to get the sled back riding, and Shane let me run his spare Doo 850 so we could keep riding!

    Al (theRam99) took some pictures Sunday, maybe he will post them!

    We will be back soon!

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    Happy to hear your daughter is ok. It's a learning experience I am positive she will learn from the mishap. THANKS FOR POSTING