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Tek Vest Sledfreak group deal - any interest?

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  • Tek Vest Sledfreak group deal - any interest?

    Hey Freaks! Tekrider reached out and is offering Sledfreak members a group deal on their Tek Vests.

    We have done these group deals in the past and they were a huge success. Tek Vests are a chest protector that is flexible, adjustable and comfortable. These vests are designed to protect your internal organs from impact such as from handlebars, thrown studs or ice chunks. You don't need to be a racer or a speedfreak to wear or need one of these. Freak accidents can happen when you are going slow and riding cautious. If you have any questions please post below and those of us who wear one can reply with our own experiences. Ask anyone who wears one and they will tell you that these are a must wear piece of safety clothing, I will not ride without mine.

    I do not have the exact deal yet. I was asked to poll interest for a group deal. Previous group deals offered our members a deep discount off the regular price (30% off).

    When you must be somewhere Monday...... You need a Tek Vest.
    Yes count me in for the Tek Vest group deal
    No, I'm not interested
    I have a Tek Vest and feel naked without it

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    Thank You Suzi for once again getting this together! I hope a lot of Freaks take advantage of this deal!!
    interested in advertising on Sledfreak???? contact us at:


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      Anyone not know what a tek vest is? Any questions?

      With a properly fitted vest you will forget you are wearing it. If you have tried one in the past and didnt like it, I bet you had on the wrong size.

      Ladies, a well fitted tek vest is the best sports bra you can wear when riding. Put an end to wearing 4 sports bras to ride, get a tek vest.


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        Rita has given me the deal. Going to start a new thread

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